Taxes are determined by the budgetary request of each governmental unit as authorized by the vote of the people.  They are computed in accordance with procedures required by the Division of tax Equalization, Ohio Department of Taxation.

Taxable value is calculated by taking your 100% value and multiplying by 35%.  You are only taxed on 35% of your value.  You would then take the 35% value and multiply by the effective tax rate to get your gross tax obligation.

Due Dates are always 2nd Friday in February and 2nd Friday in July of each year. The ORC stipulates that it is the owner’s responsibility to  to find out what taxes are due and owed by the taxpayer.  The treasurer does NOT have to issue a tax bill to each taxpayer, it is a courtesy.

*Notice to New Home Buyers: Make sure you know who is taking care of your tax bill when purchasing a new home.  It will usually tell you on your HUD statement from closing the credit or debit of taxes, since they are a year in the rear. The Treasurer and Auditor CANNOT adjust your taxes.